Last Updated: 5 March 2021

We want to help you get the computer training that you need at a cost that works for you. During our Discovery Call we will discuss your budget and do our best to provide a solution that fits within it. No hard sell. We aren’t that kind of company.

Exclusive vs Shared Sessions

You can hire us for one-to-one sessions, have us present to a group of people (e.g., your colleagues or household), or join one of the group training sessions that we organize, where you share the time with other people like you.

We focus on giving you great value for money. Shared sessions are a great way to get personalized training at a good price. During our Discovery Call we will ask whether you’d be happy to share sessions with others. If we can match several people with similar needs, we attempt to arrange a shared session at a time that suits.

Shared group sessions can be as low as $7.00 per 30 minute session.

Example Exclusive Hire Fees

The fee we charge depend upon which trainer we allocate to you, and which topic(s) you wish to study.

The following pricing table is for guidance only: beginners may well pay less than this; expert topics (such as our ‘Present with Confidence’, our individual coaching, professional level PowerPoint training) are likely to cost more. This is why it’s important to discuss your needs with us. Please book a Discovery Call by clicking this button:

The following fees are shown in US Dollars. However, you can pay with payment cards issued in other currencies. Our booking system will automatically convert the sum in to your local currency during checkout (see ‘Other Countries and Currencies‘, below)

Duration of Session Guidance ‘Exclusive Hire’ fees – see explanation above
15 minutes 17.00
30 minutes 29.00
45 minutes 40.00
1 hour 57.00
2 hours (including one or more short comfort breaks) 108.00
3½ hours (including two or more comfort breaks) 189.00
Full day and multi-day training (Please inquire via a Discovery Call)

Other Countries and Currencies

You can pay with non-US payment cards. Our system will automatically convert the charge into your own currency for you at the time of booking.

If you would like an estimate of our prices in your own currency, Google can help you. Go to Google and type, for example, 27 USD in GBP. Google will then show you an approximate conversion in to British Pounds Sterling. The exact price charged to your card will depend on the rate in effect at the time and any charges the banks make.

Country Three Letter Currency Code (for use in Google)
British Pounds Sterling GBP
Canadian Dollar CAD
Australian Dollar AUD
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Other currencies See:

Public Courses

Please see the relevant page for the course. The fee will be shown there.